Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Juicing 101: tips and tricks part one

This week John and I started our 7-day "reboot" and have discovered that some of the fruits and veggies do not mix well together in large quantites. For our version of Joe Cross' "Mean Green" we have made a few variations:

Substitute the celery for pears (adds a sweeter taste)

Substitute Brocoli for celery (anything to avoid celery, my hubby hates it!)

Standard "mougsncougs" version of Mean Green:
6 - Kale Leaves
3 - Cucumbers (peeled)
4 - Celery stalks (or substitutions above)
2 - Apples (used Gala, instead of green)
1/2 - Lemon
1 - piece of ginger (approx 1 inch)

** Things I have added this week to change up the flavors are: extra apple, pear, and even a little pineapple **


  1. I have added fennel to this recipe also. It gives it an interesting licorice flavor.

  2. Also, adding parsley is yummy too!